Sunday, November 1, 2009

i will missing my beloved one!!!!!

after 2 weekx in kl..........i got an amzg expriance life day after day was improve n my cnfident towrds my life rise within my mind....thanks to my sis my bro in law n my relly love one aira....shes always mke me full of laughs...aira achik syg aira...shes my beloved tears just rolling when im doing tis blog..i don no why it just come from my deep going to back home..i miss papa n mama..but i feel really sad cuz i hv to leave my little niece..but its ok cuz we hv a precious mment tgther in cherating..i built a sand castle wif her hehe she so cute..i will missing u aira....bye2 aira achik sygggg aira!!!!

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