Sunday, November 1, 2009

i will missing my beloved one!!!!!

after 2 weekx in kl..........i got an amzg expriance life day after day was improve n my cnfident towrds my life rise within my mind....thanks to my sis my bro in law n my relly love one aira....shes always mke me full of laughs...aira achik syg aira...shes my beloved tears just rolling when im doing tis blog..i don no why it just come from my deep going to back home..i miss papa n mama..but i feel really sad cuz i hv to leave my little niece..but its ok cuz we hv a precious mment tgther in cherating..i built a sand castle wif her hehe she so cute..i will missing u aira....bye2 aira achik sygggg aira!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the best holiday in 2009

after a long tyme x uat blog ase mls nk uat....bnyk bnde agy bleh uat drp mghabiskn mse dpn lappy haha......aftar a bs day live here i got an amazng experiance live here in gombak....i hangout all over in kl n aftar 2 week i know the bsy life in kl....its simple life but really make u out of nerves....tankx to everyone that play an imprtn role in my wif ma an equestrian ...swimming in d pool...ride a turbo wif my really cute niece.went to myrelatives house an the best part its i manage myself hangout in kl alone witout tourguide its really amzg in my life.....tanks to lowyatz mira yeni qilah tyme u guys kt knduri iqa haha really funny day wif bju kurung n d playground haha.......n tankx also to iznie quro n ima for the hard day to me but u guys mke me feel cmfortable wif u guys....n last but not going to cherating wif my sis for the holiday for 2009....i like to find a new exprience....i just apreciate my self....bye2 i got to go.....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

salam lebaran!!!!

salam lebaran uat sume....the best rye after several years...ntah la tp rse rye kali nie lbih bmakne....hehe i hv someone special...everyday is hapy day to me...thankzs to the person....

best rye dpt jmpe alll my family....dgn short n my cap dorg kte ur rock chah!!! dlm umh jer!!!don get me wrong ok....thankxs to all my family cuz play an important role in my eid dayx...

n don forget to my brotherz AMIRIZAL ANWAR CHE EMBI....x cukup column family ble ambik gmbr haha xpe nnti rye malaysia plak....n last but not least.....ak kne prepared 4 my final exam hehe...pray 4 me!!! n gud luckx to all mt frenzx....n the best thing happen arinie...ak tgk my fvrute movie besh n sweet gler!!!youve got a mail.....babyeeee!!!!i got to go!!!nk men mercun!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

send my brother back to russia!!!!so sad....

peace upon to u guys ...n selamat bpuase...

dh lme ak x blogging..n just td ak jmpe psl academy pilot owh mmg ak akn kesane and depend on my result here kalo ok ak proceed but then ak akn try intake for cadet pilot soon....insyaallah...

arinie class hbs awal just one subject je so after wthdraw duit ak g library nk read a newspaper stelah lme x bce cm org xtau pape plak sebaik ak dgr radio everyday cuz nk tahu the latest n kwn2 ak pggil *big ear cuz ak slalu pkai head phone haha mcm2 tul....arinie im going home but not forget smlm ktowg bbuke kt pizzahut fuh since several week witout my spaghetti...perh best la cuz kuar ngan kwn2 yg mmg bahagia to iznie quro n mek cuz give me the best nite break fast last nite...haha...n today im quite sad just a few day left n hv to send my bro to airport...oh my god im going to miss my bro cuz i cant celebrate raya with him...hukhuk i can cry when im think about this cuz im close with him since we child .....thank for being my bro anuar!!! to go...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

got a hapy call hehe

i got a call from my frenzs last nite huhu best lowyatz n deeb u guys make me want to laught all the tyme n jnji nk jmpe ak jgn lupe plak...don wory duit elaun ak dh nk masuk...nnti ak blanje ko lowyatz...nnn the best thing is my brother yg setahun dh x jmpe haha welcome to malaysia sebaik ko x bwe blk h1n1 dr russia...n thanks 4 the shirt hehe.....sdeh gak cuz tahun nie xdpt rye ngan dye....rye lah d perantauan baik2 haha n don forget papa n mama n our family....ak dh mls nk uat blog cme update just 4 my old frenz that want to know my life now haha best stay kt sini.....bye im sleepy now...tata

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ak giler ckit mggu nie....

stelh bkurun abad x bt blog rndu plak even bnde nie bknyer leh ckp pun but it still my best frenz haha...blog2 ak rndukn ko...haha cm org giler xxxx....tis week mmg best...exam la teater la tnis hangout drive karaoke huhu....jpg ak hbs class ak nk drive g tesco n another shopyng mall hehe sonok plak nk bwe kgkwn yg cm knk2 ribena pg haha...jgn marah!!!ptg nie ak blk umh hehe miss all my family expcially my bro yg bru blk dr russia xjmpe die lg adeyyy...k guys bye ak da keje nk bt biasela bz ckit business women la ktekn....bt2 sndiri je tue haha....byeee wait nie r cete favrte ak...sape 2 yg ade dvd or yg bkenaan ak sgup byr how much i never mind aslkn ak dpt!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

im here without u!!!

im here without u mama....i miss u mama...

1st july my brother come back from russia.. lme ak xjmpe dia rndu la jgak cuz dia abg aku hehe...

dh lme ktorg x rye sme2 sdehh..but one day kte akn kmpul stu family tuk smbut rye sme2 tau.. im waiting that moment...n jgn lpe bwe blk malaysia bj ak yg bli kt sepanyol tue..ak x sbr nk tggu abg ak blk yg pntg dia slmt smpai ke tnh air...luv my family...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

miss my family!!!

inie la kolam yg slalu aku mndi ngan family aku huhu sdeh rndu sgt kt dorg mama papa alan emii aira mamat nuar n my bro in law ally...iluv u all!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

welcome to my life!!!

Welcome to my life!!!!
10 FEB 1991
My philosophy of life
Never give up till
the end
my life begin with a wonderful things.. im the 4th from five siblings
was growth with a good life style with my
family..full with happiness and education im growth to
become a good person just be my self…after I
entered mrsm beseri my dream to become a pilot being
so nice dream when all people support me
…from the
principle to all my junior and friends wants me to
become a just pray for it family also wants
me to achieve what I want to be in the future…but now im at uitm do
a pre law but its ok I can be a pilot with a master in law….the end

hehe hey u guyz

im really sad cuz my old blog can be proceed so i hv to make another blog but it so k cuz it is me haha

peace upon to u guys my old frendz that sometime still get up to date with me hehe

to guys that continue for ib at kmb congrate n have a nice day at there...

im here doing pre law quite ok the place friends and also the all people at there really nice with me..they give me a nick name miss pilot huu hope its come reality on day...